Card trick vs alien peeping toms

Monday, December 12, 2011

Card trick via the Presurfer

Question: if they can do this today with a limited budget and some CGI, why can't they come up with a good UFO or Bigfoot hoax? Dammit, we should be well past pie pans and ape suits in this day and age. 

As an example of the poor state of current UFO/Bigfoot hoaxology, below I present one of the Stan Romanek and Jeff Peckman alien videos (you can skip forward to 1:34 to finally see it). Apparently they have an alien that hangs around their window which they've filmed. They've managed to parlay their cheesy looking alien video into appearances on Larry King and other shows and interviews.

Compared to the Times Square playing card man a mask at the window is pitiful. Come on UFO and Bigfoot hoaxers, time to step up your game a little.

However, I do give the creators of the below Russian zombie attack video bonus points for creativity. I particularly liked the puking noises one of the observers was doing at the end. Nice touch.