Budget holiday gifts -- Tuttuki Bako poking box

Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Fun! Fun! Fun!
As a public service, during these tough economic times, I've been suggesting gift ideas for the budget minded. Today I present the Japanese Tuttuki Bako poking box.

The Tuttuki Bako is an alarm clock that features a hole in the side that allows you to digitally poke things. Press the button on the front once and you can poke at a little blob, press the button again and you get a menu of games where you poke stuff -- a little panda bear, stick figures, fish and a face. The instructions are in Japanese so good luck figuring out what the heck the rules of the poking games are. Still, as you can see from the video below, it is all great fun.

You can get it in blue, red or black and it costs a mere $49, which I assume is a bargain for a combination alarm clock/poking box. Just imagine the hours of fun your little ones will have poking things! And seeing what time it is! And hearing the alarm! And poking things!


Anonymous said...

So, where can I buy it for $49?

ambisinistral said...

If you follow the link in the article it will take you to the page on Gizmine that offers it at $49.99.

Ooops, I guess i was off by a dollar. Damned rounding.