The Electrical Experimenter

Saturday, December 10, 2011
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These are covers from the early 20th Century magazine Electrical Experimenter. As you can see from the covers many of their ideas were preposterous.  Regardless, the artwork is interesting. 

The covers are from the Electrical Experimenter section of the website MagazineArt (with a HT to Retronaut). There are more after the jump, and of course more at the MagazineArt link.

It is interesting that, even at this early of a date,
flying saucers were already being imagined as alien craft.


The insect legs are as weird as the death rays

They loved these giant wheel designs

High speed rail!!!

The catapults are a nice anachronistic touch

The Robotolizer would approve of this cover

Well, that's good to know I guess


Bah, octocopters are much better aerial vehicles

I wonder what gizmo they invented to watch paint dry?

Uh... why does the man have a seltzer water bottle?

Somebody interviewed Nikoli Tesla


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