Mike Tyson as a lounge singer

Thursday, December 01, 2011

This is just too bizarre not to post. Mike Tyson, on Brazillian TV, singing the Girl from Ipanema. What can I say? Nothing but the finest in contemporary entertainment here at Flares (via Open Culture).

By the way, here's a much earlier post of mine, Useless Trivia, about the fate of the actual girl from Ipanema. Also, in the comments to that post is a link to Neo-Neocon's post Lost in translation: the girl from Ipanema which has the Portuguese lyrics to the song (below), which are quite different -- and I think much better -- than the American version.

Look at this thing, most lovely
most graceful
It's her, the girl
that comes, that passes
with a sweet swinging
walking to the sea

Girl of the golden body
from the sun of Ipanema
Your swaying
is more than a poem
It's a thing more beautiful
than I have ever seen pass by

Ah, why am I so alone
Ah, why is everything so sad
The beauty that exists
The beauty that is not mine alone
that also passes by on its own

Ah, if she only knew
that when she passes
the world smiles
fills itself with grace
and remains more beautiful
because of love


KurtP said...

That was so painful to watch... that bad lip sink by a convicted rapist- who has to go to some low-rent TV show that he cannot translate.