Clayton Boyer's clocks

Friday, January 20, 2012

Above is a video of Clayton Boyer demonstrating some unorthodox gear assemblies. He uses his mechanical knowledge to design wooden clocks, orreys and kinetic sculptures. He sells plans to his numerous creations (every plan I checked cost $37.00) at his website Clayton Boyer Clock Designs.

Along with his plans, the Clayton Boyer Clock Designs website has a large number of pictures as well as videos of clocks people have built from his plans. He also has links to other wooden clock designer's websites. 

He also has a blog Clayton Boyers's Tocks were, in addition to having information about building his wooden clocks, he posts pictures and questions from people who have bought his designs and built one of his clocks.

All of the pictures in this post have been taken from the Clayton Boyer Clock Designs site. There are more after the jump, and many, many more at Clayton's site.

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PISSED said...

Thats amazing!.. Thanks for posting. I came over on a tip from "A Trainwreck in Maxwell's" blog :)

ambisinistral said...

His designs are really clever, aren't they?

A Trainwreck in Maxwell is one of my daily blog reads. Along with his posts, his ever changing title bar never fails to crack me up.

OMMAG said...

smart little projects those gearsets ....