Mount Everest helmet cam - Khumbu Icefalls

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This is filmed on Mount Everest. The climber is descending from some place called the Western Cwm to Base Camp via the Khumbu glacier. In the video's comments Theodore Fairhurst, who posted the video, has this to say about the route:
The Khumbu Ice Fall is in constant movement and turmoil. Everytime i went through it the upper route was different. I witnessed an avalanche 100 feet in front of me at dawn. It is serene, scary and tumultuous at the same time. We always started climbing up through it at 3am when it was coldest and most solid. It is the job of the 'Ice fall doctors' to reset the ladders daily. However, more harrowing is summit day above the balcony. See more details on my site: Thanks.
The Ice Fall Doctors are Sherpas who maintain the ladders that cross the difficult parts of the Khumbu glacier. That is the area where most of the deaths on Everest occur. The ice of the glacier moves daily, so the ladders need to be adjusted continually during the climbing season. You can read more about them and the route at the article Everest Ice Doctors Operate on the Khumbu Icefalls.

I wonder how well the job of being an Ice Fall Doctor pays? Regardless, and given my druthers, I think I would much rather be a life guard on a tropical beach to an Ice Doctor no matter what it pays.