Pool hall in Pyongyang

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The notes for the video say it was filmed in the Yangakkdo Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. The Yangakkdo Hotel is the largest functioning hotel in North Korea. To keep the guests from wandering around the city it is located on an island and connected to Pyongyang via a causeway. Supposedly all of the rooms are bugged and monitored with cameras. So, if a cute little North Korean hostess knocks on your door late at night, you can expect to be blackmailed.

"Noooo comrade, please don't post that video to YouTube! I swear I'll change my review of Nothing to Envy and call it an absurd pack of running dog lies and I'll also stop calling Kim Jong-un by the slanderous name of Kim Jong-Fatso. Anything, anything, just don't post that video!!!"

As for the video. I was amused when, at the 3:06 mark, after the girl had gone to answer her cellphone, the guy cheated by moving the ball off the rail. However, there is justice in the world, it didn't do him any good -- he still blew the shot.