The Window Washing competition of the Darwin Award Olympics

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Master Cleaners Ltd has a post How Not To Clean A Window that shows numerous nincompoops endangering themselves to wash a window. I've only swiped a couple of their pictures for this post -- there are more, as well as free quotes if you happen to live in London and need your house or pub cleaned, at the Master Cleaners site.

Update: by the way, I just noticed that this is post number 5,000 at Flares.



Skookumchuk said...

Wow - 5,000. I should start posting again.

ambisinistral said...


Yea you should.

You're showing up on our list of contributors. I wonder what happened? Looking at the control panel there is an editor listed without either a name or an email -- I'm guessing that was you.

You must have gotten glitched. Drop me a note through the contact button or email ambisinistral at gmail dot com and I'll straighten it out.

Knucklehead said...

Yes, congratulations. Life (and intellect and interests) are not leaving me the time I used to devote to trying to cook up posts but the few times I've wanted to develop something I've been reminded that I no longer seem to have access to posting at Flares. Then, rather than doing something about that I just carry on with whatever.

ambisinistral said...


You were a wierd situation in that you were listed as an admin twice -- one with email and one without.

I deleted the Knucklehead without an email. see if you can login now. If not shoot me an email and I'll delete the other one and re-invite you. It may have something to do with blogger profiles getting mixed up or some such snafu.

Frieda Johnson said...

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