I doubt OSHA would approve

Thursday, January 19, 2012
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I don't know if these pictures are photoshopped or not. They purport to be a picture of an excavator sitting atop a 12 story building in Taiyuan, China. I guess it is demolishing the building by excavating its way down to the ground floor. If they are real the people doing this are completely crazy.

You can see more pictures of it at ChinaSmack.


Knucklehead said...

I'm calling photoshop. The debris around the edges of the top of the building appears to be hanging in space. Granted it is a photo and may have caught debris pouring over the edges but all three sides that we can see?

Not that the Chinese aren't crazy enough to do something like this. I have never met anyone who has been to China who isn't amazed by the sheer craziness of some of what they do.

ambisinistral said...

What's funny about it is the two pictures are taken at different angles. If you look at the boxy structures on the roof behind the left side of the building you can see the bottom picture is taken from a lower level than the top.

also, the shadow on the yellow building in the background indicates they were taken at different times.

Yet, the excavator appears to be in virtually the same position in both. Mighty suspicious.

But why photoshop multiple pictures?

Unknown said...

May need to visit your site again. Several very funny posts!

I made 20 trips to China in the mid-90's for business, and was frequently surprised by 1) abandoned partially built buildings like the photo, and (2) lax construction safety standards (I represented a company providing equipment for power plants).

But even in China it looks over the top. Still funny!

Best Regards,

ambisinistral said...

Thanks for the compliment -- I'm glad to hear you're entertained by my foolishness. Drop by any time, we're pleased to have you visit.