Terror attack progression quickies

Sunday, October 08, 2006
Re the YARGB post on "6024 Islamic terror attacks since 9/11" pointing to information graphed here:

(1)Since we already know parts of Africa are targeted by the Jihad, I think the next new front will be Pakistan. Watch for increasing terror attacks there. This could possibly be very very bad news.

(2)Could the cycles and the increasing levels of terrorism be influenced at all by financial resources, such as the increasing upsurge in the Afghanistan poppy crop? Isn't the harvest seasonal?

(3)With the increase in terrorism around the world, hasn't anybody noticed that there is not the equivalent increase in terrorism against the West? Yes, there have been foiled plots in the West (but there have been foiled plots elsewhere as well) but unless I'm having a brain cramp, Madrid and London were the only successful attacks on Western soil since 9/11. There was also Bali, an attack mainly against Australians, that occurred after 9/11. Also remember that Bali happened before Iraq.

Anything else?


truepeers said...

Syl, I don't know what to make of it, but Hugh Fitzgerlad of Jihad Watch has been saying that the Saudi money men have been telling mosques in the west to keep the hot heads on a leash. Fitzgerald says they're playing a long game and Jihad by demographic change, increasing pressure to make Muslim enclaves in Europe into Sharia zones, and Wahabification are now the main tactics. Hugh of course wants a western backlash now, so he sees the enemy working to avoid such.

Of course, you might count as terrorist attacks the regular street-gang violence in France, Belgium, etc.

Syl said...

Well, as for the backlash, the Danish are doing pretty well. I heard that the Mullah who started the row over the cartoons was on a bus recently. As a grandmother was getting off she turned to him and said 'You are a stupid man' and the passengers cheered.

Britain, however, is a basket case.

Backlash will not begin with the governments, it will start with the people.

You know, really, I think we have an excellent legal structure in place and the fact we depend on the markets to make many decisions for us will make whatever it is take much longer here.

Europe is the canary to watch.

truepeers said...

There is now a part 2 to the earlier post by Sir Henry graphing the RoP reports.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

By God sir thank you. I did notice a hint of an annual cycle in the terror attacks.


Input please. Please, someone, the cycle from planting until the money comes in. May be nothing in it ... but it's certainly worth a look if I can get a calendar cycle for the poppy and income.

And I suspect Pakistan too, as a new front, although, truth to tell there is already a lot of activity there, so it may be hard to tell at first.

Kenya too is a possibility.

Any info, please post links in my comments, or just say it in there. I'm not yet much good at searching.

I've got my round of anti-jihad sites I visit every day, and here is one of them, but I check my own comments several times a day.

gumshoe1 said...

Sir Henry -

not to dampen your chase for data
or your opening mind,
but i'd venture petro-dollars for jihad dwarf the narco-dollars by several orders of magnitude.