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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Please share any knowledge or opinions of cordless, rechargeable lawnmowers any of y'all might have. The target property consists of two small "lawns" which, while roughly level are roughly bumpy also. One portion is mostly grass the other mostly weeds.

From what research I've been able to do so far, pricing seems reasonable but they may be surprisingly bulky and/or heavy (which is a concern for the target users here), but it is difficult to tell with out more comparison research.


Knucklehead said...

In case it wasn't clear, I meant the battery operated kind. Gas powered are, of course, cordless and "rechargeable".

gumshoe said...

go green!


Energy Alternatives - Take 1

Knucklehead said...

A redneck riding mower! Kewl. It won't work for the intended user, unfortunately.

chuck said...

My experience with battery powered devices has been that they tend to be underpowered. Is there a reason that you can't use the corded variety? That said, I have no experience with battery powered mowers.

Myself, with weeds in the mix and advancing years, I'd go with a cheap gas mower.

Knucklehead said...


The issue is aging and frail (complete with health issues) females. I cannot do it for them (time and distance) and they REFUSE to allow a service (which I would GLADLY pay for).

There are two problems with gas mowers, especially the "cheap" kind. The first is starting the darned thing. Not generally noticeably difficult unless you weigh a mere 105 lbs and are well into your 70s. So if we go gas it is electric start variety.

The second issue with gas is the periodic servicing when the thing gets cranky and hard to start. In this neck of the woods it cost a small fortune (half the cost of even a medium-expensive gas mower) to have the thin picked up, serviced, and dropped off again.

The idea of a long electric cord in this case strikes me as a recipe for enough aggravation to cause a cerebral hemorage for a saint.

Battery tools have been improving fairly rapidly but I don't know if battery lawn mowers are yet "there". There's a Remington that seems possibly interesting but may be a bit heavy. This Neuton seems even more interesting.

chuck said...

Ah, too bad about the service, it would be the easy way to go. If the folks in question are getting frail the weight of the mower becomes important. Maneuvering a heavy mower around can be a real pain. Heck, I didn't even like using my heavy, self-propelled gas mower, I've been much happier with the lighter, cheaper, mower I bought to replace it.

linearthinker said...

Goat on a rope.