How does a bird fly with two left wings?

Sunday, March 30, 2008
Like this.

Thanks to MyDD for that.


Anonymous said...

I briefly overheard a bit of lunchtime conversation among two female acquaintances who are (or were) Obama supporters. One said somewhat exasperatedly "well, what has Obama done now?" Even in deep blue Seattle, there may be hope.

Knucklehead said...

Chatting with a walking buddy this AM. She was saying that she found McCain a bit "scary" but not nearly as scary as Hillary or, especially, Obama. Claims almost everyone she knows feels the same way. I know I do.

But speaking of birds and flying...

While we walked we got a show of shows from the Wee Flying Ones. Well, that ain't all that wee but they are still three. All three were hauling stuff to the nest. Not only that but they were swooping down and picking stuff off the ground. Nearby. Completely unperturbed by humans and dogs. Their talons are H-U-G-E. It was just fabulous to watch for a while. Took my mind off the nonsense.

Speaking of taking ones mind off of nonsense...

Nineteen and a wakeup.

One of sour,
Two of sweet,
Three of strong,
Four of weak.

Life do have its moments, dunnit.

Anonymous said...

Ya got pitchers? The ones you posted a while back were always great.