A day already gone to the birds!

Thursday, March 27, 2008
Yeesh! Get up earlier, move faster, fall further behind. By 7AM I was a ticked-off, steamin' screecher - already an hour and a half invested in the day's efforts and falling behind as I went. Fortunately I was able to work the aggravation out to a manageable level on the airdyne and treadmill.

When days start like this ya just gotta look for some way to salvage it. Well, fortunately for me, it was handed to me on the proverbial silver platter today. First off, after days if worrisome inactivity...

Let me back up. For days now My Osprey have done nuttin' more than hang out and squawk at one another. Squawk, squawk, squawk. You woulda thought they were taking part in the Runup To The Election fercryinoutloud. I'm quite sure that if we could somehow interpret their "conversation" it would have been an animated discussion with one of them wishing, since a full rebuild was required, to also relocate and the other insisting that they rebuild right there where they'd built their lives and raised their ospring.

Well, the Rebuild-In-Place Osprouse apparently won the argument 'cause they finally got their tailfeathers in gear and are hauling the heavy lumber. The frame of a nest is starting to take shape slowly but surely. So that makes me happy.

Then, not much more than a half-hour ago, as I pulled into the drive to get prepped to return to the rat race, there on the railing of my porch sat perched a red-tailed hawk. It flew away immediately but it was there pretty as you please. Darned fine lookin' birds those red-tails.


Anonymous said...

Excellent news. Good report. We got some raptors in the greenbelt out back that I've been meaning to get some pictures of, but that would mean unwrapping the digital camera I got for Christmas and actually reading the manual.

Knucklehead said...

You don't need no steenking manual!

I thought sure they would relocate. No building for days and Gaia knows they could find something closer to the fish and not so darned high. But they've started and they've been luggin' the lumber and clearly it isn't easy; they pump and circle and pump and circle to haul the bug stuff up there. This stuff is the Osprey equivalent of sill plates - heavy duty.

It is a sight to see them drop out of the sky and just snatch/snip a small branch out of a live tree. They have to be cutting them 'cause you can't just break that stuff in a split second.

Critters are just amazing.

Anonymous said...

I know. They are like Sikorsky heavy lifters carrying power pylons. It is amazing how much those guys can lift relative to their body weight. Then there are the salmon they pick up...

OK, now I've been shamed into opening the digital camera box.