My Response to Senator Obama

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Okay, Senator, so you can't disown or distance yourself from a man who said "God damn America", that the US was using HIV to commit genocide, and that the people (including acquaintances of mine) who died on 9/11 were just part of payback to the US from Hiroshima and Nagasaki --- which, just in passing, very possibly saved my father's life and resulted in my being born.

I appreciate your honest about this: you could have insincerely offered a repudiation.

Now, I hope you'll understand if I'm equally honest: I think Reverend Wrights statements are vile and evil, and I shall do my damnedest to see to it that someone who cannot repudiate a man who says these things won't be president.


Luther McLeod said...

I think you're right SyT. It is as simple as you say here.

There could be any number of motivations for Obama's refusal to divest of Wright.

None of them hold water.

And thus the fruits of relativism.

Knucklehead said...

Will this smooth talking turkey flame out or are we in for a Carteresque rough ride?

Barry Dauphin said...

Part of his rhetorical style was curious. He asked various questions out loud and then answered them. Sort of like a former Sec Def.