Super Delegates and the United States Constitution

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
The remaining months until the presidential election could prove interesting. Folks are getting perturbed and ponderously loud about it at an increasing rate.

Some of it will be downright amusing. As an example, just this morning I overheard a two gentleman commenting loudly. I wasn't within earshot long enough to have an idea of the full context of their discussion but it was clear they were agitated about the situation with the Democratic Party nominating process and how it violated Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution.

Said the First Gentleman, "The Constitution says that no senator or congressman can elect the president. But a lot of these Super Delegates are senators and congressman!"

I'll give First Gentleman credit for a half-ass statement. The Constitution does prohibit congressmen from being appointed electors for the "electoral college".

To the First Gentleman's comment, the Second Gentleman replied, "That's just like overturning the popular vote!" I guess that gets a full-ass.

Nice to hear My Fellow Americans discussing the finer points of our constitution.