Friday, March 07, 2008

Oh for Gods' sakes.

Ramesh Ponnuru on NRO:
"Q: On ABC's 'This Week' on Feb. 17, in response to a question, 'Are you a 'read my lips' candidate, no new taxes?' you replied, 'No new taxes.' Did you mean that literally?

A: I'm not making a 'read my lips' statement in that I will not raise taxes. But I'm not saying I can envision a scenario where I would, OK? But I'm not making it a centerpiece in my campaign.

I want lower taxes. I want the family to keep more of their money.

So is the senator opening the door to raising taxes or not? Because it sure sounds as though he is. If he doesn't mean to open that door, he ought to close it now."

Yes, you're right, Ramesh. He's not putting himself in the position Bush(41) put himself in: promise not to raise taxes and then get screwed over politically by a potentially hostile Congress. On the other hand, it doesn't take an advanced degree in math to see that "want to lower taxes" means "not 'wants to raise taxes.'"

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