Oh, by the way

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Two days ago while on the evening dash to let the dog do her business I spotted what I thought might be one of My Ospreys on one of the non-nest towers.

Now, mind you, I've been very concerned. The nest took a pounding this winter and at least 50%, maybe as much as 75% of it is gone. It is a speck of what it once was. Very disconcerting... very.

Anyway, yesterday morning the bird - a bird anyway - was perched out on the boom for the nest tower. It didn't move during either spotting, though, so I couldn't be sure.

This evening on the doggy business dash there it was again. This time it was sitting in the remnants of the nest. But still it didn't move and I couldn't be certain. But then, at precisely the proper moment and in precisely the proper direction, and coming closer to the ground, it flew directly over me. In fact it shit nearly on my head. I'm tellin' y'all, those birds love me. I couldn't help myself, I waved and yelled, "Hello!" What a knucklehead I am.

Haven't spotted a second one yet. Hope all is well and there are two. If they decide to rebuild the nest there'll be a wealth of watching the runs to Osprey Depot.

Spring is in the air!