EFLI News - expansion and first exhibition game

Saturday, October 15, 2011
With the teams at the line the QB barks out the snap count.
 The first EFLI (Elite Football League of India) camps have been held. They were to select the first set of coaches and players for the new league. At the end of the camps they staged their first exhibition game. The players weren't in pads or helmets yet, but from the pictures it looks like they are beginning to learn the fundamentals of American football. There are more pictures from the exhibition game after the jump.

The Times of India, in reporting on the game, also mentioned that the league had already expanded from 8 to 10 teams. The EFLI website has no mention of this, so we don't yet know which cities got new teams, what their names are and what their logos look like. 

I've added the EFLI as a category in the sidebar. I've signed up for their news letter, so -- since this is another of my obscure topics I'm sure you're all fascinated by --  I'll be able to drive you guys crazy with news from this league. If you're new to this topic be sure to check out the articles about the league's launch with the teams' logos as well as the article about the scandal that rocked the Indian cheerleading world.

Finally... Go Swarm Go!!!

Not much of a pass rush. The QBs going to pick the defense apart if he has that much time in the pocket. I wonder if the guy with the red on his shoulder is a RB releasing as an outlet?
Huddling up to call the next play. Hey big guy, keep your head in the game!
The QB in the shotgun. The defenders look flat footed, like they are waiting to react to the OL instead of rushing as soon as the ball is snapped.
A coach in a post game interview. I wonder what sports interview cliches he's spouting?


Dan Green said...

Thank you for this article, I'd love to see you write some more on the EFLI.

According to (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elite_Football_League_of_India) to 9th and 10th teams are to be based in Chennai and Jaipur which are great choices. We will have to see if they are officially confirmed.