An inept photoshop

Thursday, October 06, 2011
Click to enlarge the picture of Three-Handed Michelle
A Trainwreck in Maxwell is a blog in my Blog roll and a site I regularly visit. From time to time KurtP, the blogger who runs Trainwreck, changes out the graphic he uses in his title section.

The one he is currently using, shown to the right, along with its tagline "Amatures all over the place...", cracks me up every time I see it.

Gawd, what a crappy photoshop -- it really wouldn't have been that hard to erase her hand. I wonder if it came from his staff or if it was just the work of one of his enamored, albeit inept, fans?

Be sure to visit A Trainwreck in Maxwell, he always has some good snark.

UPDATE: it turns out this isn't a bad photoshop. The 3rd hand actually belongs to Michelle Obama's mother who is blocked from view in the picture. The Chicago Tribune shows the full sequence of pictures that show's the three of them debarking the plane. 


AndrewPrice said...

Nice! LOL! I knew she was an alien!

Knucklehead said...

Does anyone know the source of this photo? Is this something the WH actually released?

ambisinistral said...

I'm guessing it is from a gushing magazine article, but I don't really know. I was hoping KurtP would drop by and shed some light on it.

KurtP said...

I just found it by googling "WTF Michell Obama"

BTW- Thanks for the linkage!

ambisinistral said...

Well, I had to go and ruin our fun by looking up the source of the picture. It turns out, when you view the full sequence of pictures of them leaving the plane, that the 3rd hand belongs to Michelle Obama's mother.

Knucklehead said...

She had her mother's hand cut off!?!