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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
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With the introduction of computers, typewriters have gone the way of the slide rules. Younger readers who never had to use one are missing nothing in terms of typesetting -- word processors are far superior, but they are missing what mechanical wonders typewriters were in their day. They were very complex and reliable pieces of machinery.

Later typewriters have keyboard layout close enough to computer key boards to be recognizable, but over the decades that they were being developed there were some ingenious, as well as some cumbersome designs.

Martin Howard collects and refurbishes antique typewriters and he maintains a wonderful website called Antique Typewriters about them. The pictures on this page, and after the jump, are taken from his gallery. Once you look at these samples you should really go to Antique Typewriters and browse his gallery further. Each typewriter has shown has historical information and multiple pictures showing details of its construction as well advertising materials and manuals. 

He also has other antique office equipment, such as ribbon tin lids, paper seals, pencils and so forth. He also offers services such as assessments, acquisitions, restoration, displays and well as prints of the antique typewriters for sale.


antique typewriter collector said...


Thank you for sharing my antique typewriter collection with such enthusiasm.

It has been a wonderful journey building this collection over the past 20 years and it always feels great to have others love these remarkable machines too.

Martin Howard

ambisinistral said...

Thanks. I'm glad you liked my article. You may have noticed that I lurked around on your site off and on for a few days. There is a lot of great stuff there -- I'm glad you put it together and made it available for us.

OMMAG said...

Really cool machinery .... Naked Lunch?