Our press is useless

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The above video is of a local Colorado reporter interviewing Romney. She starts by asking about gay marriage and civil unions, moves on to illegal immigrants getting in State tuition benefits and then moves on to medical marijuana. At that point Romney finally gets exasperated and asks, "Aren’t there issues of significance that you’d like to talk about? The economy? The growth of jobs? The need to put people back to work? The challenges of Iran? We've got enormous issues that we face, but you want to talk about..."

Chastised, she does ask about tax credits for oil companies, but she frames it all by starting with, "You've been tagged as being in the tank for big oil, and, you know, this may not help that."

Good Lord, and this is from a local reporter. Her lack of a grasp of priorities regarding national issues and her complete inability to ask a simple question without bias is startling. The depth and reach of the hackery of the press never ceases to amaze.

From BuzzFeed via Hotair


Knucklehead said...

At least he had the proper response - "Aren't you interested in anything that matters?"

That should be SOP for Romney moving forward. Ridicule the dolts.

ambisinistral said...

Yes, that should be the response. so far the Romney campaign has done a good job ignoring the chum Obama and co. are throwing into the water.

I only hope there are some Colorado bloggers who are savaging her over that bit of partisan puffery. Up and donw the line -- keep hitting them.