The more the merrier

Thursday, May 03, 2012

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 Andrea Smart, one of our regular readers, sent me a link to the xGunsafes post Six Ridiculous Guns from the Past. What caught my attention were the multiple barrel guns. It strikes me if one barrel is good and two better, then you can't go wrong with a bunch of barrels.

The top picture is a 4 barreled flintlock duckfoot pistol. Since it was deadly in a confined space it was popular with sea captains and prison guards in the 18th century. Beneath it is a cold war era Colt Defender Mk I shotgun. Its eight barrels, coupled with its accuracy, made it a deadly weapon close in.

Below is a one of a kind 3 barreled revolver (photos from Horst Held). It could fire all 3 barrels at once, or it could be set to fire a single barrel at a time. I wonder what the holster for it looked like?