A mundane icon

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I wonder how many thousand times -- in class rooms, waiting rooms, meeting rooms and elsewhere -- I've looked at the face of one of those clocks and wished its red second hand would sweep faster. Now I wish the second hand would slow down a little.

At any rate, that clock, with its simple face and minimal body, is a ubiquitous icon that I've seen hanging on hundreds of walls during my life. I never knew IBM made them, although I imagine that there were a lot of knock-offs on its styling so they probably weren't all IBMs. 

I'll have to look closer at the next one I see.


KurtP said...

Any of those clocks hanging on a .GOV wall will say "Lighthouse for the blind" on them.

ambisinistral said...

Obviously you're not a government bureaucrat. You're close with the "Lighthouse for the blind", but the government can be infinitely goofier than that.

A government clock would mandate that, behind the glass lens, the numbers were printed in braille on the surface of the clock face.