Perplexus and Superplexus

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I was in a section of YouTube with videos of watch innards -- yes, my Friday nights are that exciting -- when I saw the above video for something called a Superplexus. I had no idea what it was about, and was baffled by it all until I realized that it was a large 3-D maze. The sphere is mounted on gimbals and you spin it around guiding the ball from start of the maze to its finish. It supposedly takes a proficient player about an hour to complete the maze.

The Superplexus in the video above is a custom work that was commissioned. It turns out that it is an outgrowth of Perplexus, which is a plastic, hand held toy version of the same 3-D maze concept. I think I may have seen them before, but didn't look at them too closely at the time. They look pretty entertaining in a maddening sort of a way.

You can view them at the Superplexus website and find the nearest store to buy one from, or you can order them off of Amazon. At Amazon they run from $15.72 for the rookie version, to 29.99 for the advanced model.

I've found a Gadgeteer review of the model pictured below. The reviewer gives it high marks. Be sure to read it if your interested in this gizmo.


PlaSmart said...

Glad you found the Perplexus and Superplexus interesting! The man in the video is actually the inventor of the Perplexus (and the Superplexus), Michael McGinnis. :-) Thanks for sharing!