Argosy magazine covers

Saturday, June 02, 2012
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Argosy is a pulp magazine I remember from my youth. If you went to manly-men sort of places -- barbershops, repair garages and the like -- there would always be a stack of them. 

It was a long running magazine, started in 1882 and at first aimed at kids. It quickly evolved into a men's magazine featuring fiction 'adventure' stories and serials for most of its life. By the time I saw it, it was mixing in some non-fiction and drifting towards soft porn (which was a good bit of its mystique to a young lad). It stopped publishing in 1978.

It had a pretty good stable of writers for a pulp. Edgar rice Burroughs, C. S. Foster and Max Brand being perhaps the most well known of the stable.

These covers, and the ones after the jump, are from Magazine Art, which has many more.  

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