EFLI cheerleader video

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Once again I've scooped those bungling slackers at ESPN by locating what might be the first video of Elite Football League of India (EFLI) cheerleaders in action. Nice looking group of cheer girls, although I'm sure the Chennai Swarm cheerleaders are prettier and more charming. 

The video is from a June 2nd exhibition match between Hyderabad Skykings (or Skyqueens as us Swarm fans call them) and the Bangalore Warhawks.

Apparently EFLI is playing a number of exhibition games before a series of preseason games starting in July. I think the regular season still kicks of in November. However, that is all conjecture on my part based on some rather confusing information I've read here and there (see My EFLI schedule confusion returns for details).

I found out about the June 2nd game from somebody who emailed me and said they were there. What he said about the game was interesting, and I'm hoping to get more details from him I can pass on in a future post.

There are a lot of shots of the cheerleaders in the short clip mixed in with some game play. The views of the stands were interesting because it seemed like they had a fair sized crowd for the game. There were even some female fans shown who had face paint on like you'll see on some American fans. That said, the majority of the fans were men. It was hard to tell from the clip if the male fans were hooting and cheering the play on the field or the cheerleaders. Probably both from the looks of it.

And as always...

Goooo Swarm Go!!!