EFLI tailgating recipes - Korma Puffs

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
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With the first game of the Elite Football League of India (EFLI) scheduled for July 15th our thoughts naturally turn towards appropriate tailgate snacks. As recorded in my earlier post, My EFLI tailgating quandry, as EFLI's first tailgater I took it upon myself to create Indian themed tailgate food for fans of the new league.

As I promised in my earlier post  I ordered some Tasty Bite packages and, using one of their recipes, I made some Korma Puffs.  

As you can see in the picture above the dish has simple ingredients: 1 pack of Good Korma Cooking Sauce, a package of crescent roll dough and some cheese. They suggested thin slices of cheese, I opted for shredded cheese instead.

Spread out the dough and place some Good Korma Cooking Sauce on each piece. They said to spread a very light layer, I sort of slopped it on to use most of the package on eight rolls (I think a package would have covered 16 rolls easily). I then sprinkled on the cheese and rolled the dough up.

I rolled my Korma Puffs from the pointy end first. In retrospect, I realized that crescent rolls were probably rolled from the broad end. However, since I am the very first EFLI tailgater I can pretty much set the rules and traditions. Therefore, I hereby decree that all EFLI Korma Rolls shall be rolled from the pointy end. 

Following the instructions on the crescent roll package, preheat your oven and then stick the Korma rolls in to be cooked. While waiting, I danced around the kitchen chanting "Go 2013 Swarm Go!!!" Feel free to perform whatever superstitious ritual you feel will help your team to victory.

Eat them warm. My wife, brother and myself taste tested them and they were quite good. Between the three of us we gobbled them down in one sitting. Three thumbs up from us.

The Good Korma Cooking Sauce imparted an unmistakable Indian flavor to the cheese filled rolls. The sauce was mild. If you prefer a spicier flavor you could try adding curry powder or red pepper to give it more of a kick.

I'll be doing more of the recipes in the coming days, so check back so's you can host your own EFLI tailgate party.