"I think it's time for the Democrats to talk about reconciliation!!! "

Tuesday, June 05, 2012
All this crap because of a lost election
In Legal Insurrection's live chat about the Wisconsin recall election a commenter named Jim Temple posted the following, "I think it's time for the Democrats to talk about reconciliation!!!"

Mr. Temple is entirely correct in that sentiment. 

There is nothing wrong with fighting the good fight, but this was not a good fight: Democratic Senators precipitated a crisis by fleeing the State instead of accepting election results and doing their job; the Capital building was mobbed for days on end; teachers closed schools by skipping classes to protest; doctors filled out fraudulent excuse slips to protect protesting union members; the Union's threats and intimidation were disgusting; transparently partisan court decisions were issued from the Madison Circuit Court; and finally, enormous amounts of money was wasted on a recall over policy rather than malfeasance.

The voters of Wisconsin have spoken again, and they deserve humility from the Democrats, and an acknowledgement that the election results are legitimate, rather than more spin, more whining and more ill behavior.