The Faking Hoaxer

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I've complained before about the sorry state of UFO hoaxery these days. For example, see my post Card trick vs alien peeping toms,  As you can see if you watch the alien peeping tom video I embedded in that post, the hoax isn't much more sophisticated than the ol' 'pie pan hanging from a string' schtick from the early days.

To those of us who appreciated a good UFO hoax such bungling in this day and age of CGI and cheap video editing equipment is a travesty. So, I was pleased to run across the above video by The Faking Hoaxer. It is good to see a craftsman who respects his craft. Amusingly enough, UFO buffs accuse him of being a disinformation agent who's intent is to cover up the truth.

In the above video he shows the composites he used to build the scene, and describes how he added the shaky cam and focus problems. It's pretty amazing that the sky, and the chirping birds he recorded in his backyard, are the only real part of the video. I wondered how he got the UFO behind the trees when I first watched it.