Lonely Hot Stratfor Babe

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just my luck, I'm in Miami with limited time to post and Stratfor doesn't run their usual Tuesday article.Then it came to me -- where is it written you need a Stratfor article to justify a Hot Stratfor Babe award? Nowhere, so this week I present the first orphaned Hot Stratfor Babe, Eva Mendes.

Since I'm in Miami I looked for an actress who starred in a film set in Miami and chose All About the Benjamins where I located Ms Mendes. It's an entertaining comedy, featuring a winning lottery ticket, stolen diamonds and a convoluted plot. If you haven't seen it, catch it next time it crops up on the boob tube.  

If you were looking for a Stratfor article, and I'm sure most of my regular visitors read Playboy for the articles, sorry about this post. We'll catch the next Stratfor article.