Saturday, October 27, 2012

This year's perfect Halloween treat

Last year I suggested candy cigarettes as the perfect Halloween treat. While candy cigarettes and cigars are still a fine choice I would also like to recommend chocolate guns, grenades and bullets from Chocolate Weapons.

Of course stocking up on an arsenal of chocolate weapons to distribute on Halloween is a bit pricier than a few cartons of candy cigarettes, but think of the joy you'll be bringing the little tykes dressed up like ghouls, goblins or, if you live in a liberal neighborhood, women in binders. 

By the way, Chocolate Weapons also has a line of soap weapons. You might consider buying a case of two of them for any foul mouthed brats who show up in need of getting their mouths washed out with soap. Just prepare to have your house get toilet papered or worse if you go that route.

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