The cursed Kleenex commercial

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Watch the above commercial at your own peril. As Pink Tentacle reports in their article Cursed Kleenex commercial according to Japanese urban legend the ad is cursed. Supposedly the actress in it became pregnant with a demon child and/or went crazy and had to be institutionalized, while the young actor who played the red kid, as well as much of the production staff, died under mysterious circumstances, etc., etc., etc.

It is even said that if you hear the commercial late at night the song sounds like it is being sung by an old lady with a raspy voice and woe unto any person unfortunate to hear it -- bad things will happen to you.

It looks like just an oddball Japanese commercial to me. I mean, what's with that weird looking red kid wearing a leaf for a hat? At any rate, don't say you haven't been warned if your life goes south after watching it. You have been warned!