The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One of my favorite eccentric websites, Oddstruments, is back after a long hiatus. Their post, The Orchestra That Plays With Their Food, covers the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra. As they describe the ensemble:
[T]he Vienna Vegetable Orchestra plays nothing but vegetables and kitchen tools. Consisting of eleven musicians, one cook, and one sound engineer, the orchestra incorporates a spectrum of musical styles including contemporary music, free jazz, noise, dub, experimental electronic, and house beets. Some of their instruments include onion peels, pepper trumpets, leek violins, pumpkin bongos, carrot flutes, and cucumberphones.
 After their performances they cook their instruments and feed them to the audience. As you can tell from the above video it is all as ridiculous as it sounds.

I've included a few pictures of their instruments. There are more pictures at the above link, as well as another video showing one of their live performances and an audio of one of the songs off their third (!) album Onionoise. You can visit Vienna Vegetable Orchestra's website for even more videos and audio samples of their musical nonsense.
Radish flute

Celery root bongo
Carrot flutes