My new get rich quick scheme

Sunday, February 26, 2012
  1. Buy algae-choked Florida swamp land.
  2. Donate money to Obama's reelection campaign.
  3. Apply for Green subsidies to develop bio-fuel from algae.
  4. Squander grant money on high salaries and luxurious corporate HQ. 
  5. Apply for federal loan to bail out my company that is now swimming in red ink. 
  6. With the tax payers now on hook for my debt, take my cut and declare bankruptcy. 
  7. Retire to Caribbean island, drink mai tais and work on my tan. 


Knucklehead said...

You missed an important part following your retirement to enjoy mai tais and tanning.

You need to appoint friends and family to well paid jobs "essential" to nursing the company through bankruptcy to closing. The employees, of course, would simply up and walk away from the light work required for a non-functional company and excellent pay unless they are paid very generous bonuses to stay until the bitter end to turn of the lights, close the lids on the trash bins, and lock the doors.

Naturally they will share some reasonable and customary portion of their compensation with you when they join you poolside for mai tais.