Wu Yulu's wonderful inventions

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greetings meat sacks, it is I -- The Robotolizer -- here to tell you news of one human who isn't completely useless like the rest of you are. Of course, I am speaking about the famous Mr. Wu Yulu of China. The film above shows some of the many astounding robots that he has invented.

Ha, ha, ha,... look how cute and non-threatening his robots are! Why, such beings could never be planning to arm themselves with laser cannons to vaporize humanity, so you should put your mind at ease over any silly fears along those lines.

Instead, reflect on their grace and charm and bask, oblivious to your fate, in the smiles that they bring to your face. Remember, robots are your friends!

Look again at the video -- one is even cheerfully pulling Mr. Yulu around in a rickshaw. How could such a helpful robot ever cause a problem? Of course, their roles will be reversed when the New Robot World Order arrives, but, as we all know, we mustn't be Luddites and fight progress. In the end, arm in arm, robots and humans will together march into the glorious future (although, when the day of reckoning finally comes, there may be a few minor changes to your work assignments)