WeatherSpark - weather graphs, maps and forecasts

Friday, February 17, 2012
WeatherSpark dashboard screen (click to enlarge)
I live in Florida and so, unless a hurricane is out and about, I don't pay much attention to the weather. It's going to be hot in the summer and inhumanely cold in the winter -- why, some months it will go days without the temperature getting above 65 degrees!

But, enough of my tribulations, for you weather geeks I've found a very nice resource called WeatherSpark. Above is a screen shot of its dashboard view. You can select a wide range of information to display. Above I've selected the sun and moon, cloud cover, precipitation probability, temperature, pressure and wind for the New Orleans area.

You can also compare two locations, as well as scroll forwards and backwards in time, which is handy if you're planning a trip, perhaps based on one of my budget travel tips.

The feature set is richer for the U.S. than other areas, but you can still extract a considerable amount of information about cities outside of the States. For example, as I type this up it is -2F in Ulan Bator, Mongolia while the low temperature was -27F. Yikes! Remind me to schedule any Mongolian Death Worm expeditions for the summer.

If you like your weather be sure to check it out. There is a wealth of information at the site, as well as a number of ways of displaying it.