The Stratfor document dump I want to see

Monday, February 27, 2012
Ninja Babe image from a Creative Brush Adobe Illustrator tutorial
Wikileaks as started publishing the 5 million or so Stratfor emails hacked by Anonymous. Julian Assange claimed, "What we have discovered is a company that is a private intelligence Enron." Of the chilling revelations I did read something about Coca-Cola and PETA. Yea, well, whatever.

At any rate, the Stratfor document dump I want to see is the tens of thousands of emails they no doubt sent to each other discussing my Hot Stratfor Babe selections. I'm pretty sure that those emails will reveal that Fred Barnes and George Friedman nearly came to blows on several occasions as they debated my choices.

Also, although I have no information to back up this sensational claim, I suspect they came close to dispatching a squad of highly trained, female ninjas to take me out when I awarded Lotte Lenya her Hot Stratfor Babe honor.

I await those emails with bated breath.