Spanish Civil War posters

Sunday, February 19, 2012
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The Spanish Civil War was an ideological conflict that presaged WWII. It pitted fascists, royalists, and conservatives against communists, socialists, unionists and republicans. It began in 1936 with a partial military coup, and ended in 1939 with Franco's dictatorship.

It engendered considerable passion. The fighting was often brutal, with citizens not spared. Many of the horrors of the coming World War were tested on its battlefields. From our perspective neither side, the communists nor the fascists, offer much. In the end it seems that it was just the misery of the 20th Century condensed.

This post shows some of the posters from the factions who fought the war. They are in the usual heroic and muscular style of the propaganda posters of the day, but there is also an undeniable violent edge to them. There are more after the jump.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you failed to mention the Anarchists, who were major participants in the Anti Franco forces. You have however, used 8 CNT/FAI (Anarchist organisations) posters!
Perhaps you might read more about the social revolution that the Fascist coup prompted, then you would be better placed to understand the Spanish civil war was very complex and more than just a precursor to WW2