Budget Holiday gift ideas

Thursday, September 22, 2011
Properly equipped Lego warriors
Since we're deep into September and the little ankle-biters are back in school not many families are vacationing at this moment. For that reason I'm switching from my series on budget vacation suggestions to budget holiday gift suggestions. It may seem early to be discussing Christmas, ooops... I mean Holiday presents, but I say it is never to early to search for a bargain to brighten a loved one's day as they tear open their packages in an unseemly orgy of greed.

One of problems with Lego blocks is that the little people who come with them are dorks. This naturally causes a problem if your little tyke is building a Lego pillbox which needs some soldiers to defend it. I'm happy to report that Brickarms solves the problem. 

They offer a full line of high-powered weaponry for the little block guys, and not all of them are grinning idiots. To the right is a detail of one of the little guys, and as you can see not only does it have a suitably fierce expression, it is also sporting some camouflage makeup. Definitely an improvement.

They have wide selection of weapons packs and quite a variety of weapons. Along with the usual assortment of shotguns, pistols, rifles and machine guns, you can get swords, retro-looking ray guns, spy trade weapons and helmets.

One of my favorite packs, since lately I've been spending more time than I care to admit clubbing zombies back to their proper state of death in the video game Dead Island, was the Zombie Defense Pack (pictured below). I like the inclusion of baseball and cricket bats in it, although a chainsaw would also have been a handy addition. 

So, if you're looking for a gift for your young Rambo, look no further than Brickarms for your holiday gift needs.

Zombie Defense Pack - click to embiggen