Krafft's ceramic weapons

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Charles Wing Krafft practices an art style he calls disasterware. Among other items, he makes ceramic weapons. Three of those ceramic weapons are pictured.

In an earlier post, Tea & Pistols, I discussed the work of Yvonne Lee Schutlz who made porcelain pistols to match tea settings. All in all, I much prefer her work to Kraft's.  His pieces seem a little cruder and less finely finished than Schultz's pieces, but perhaps I'm reacting more to the tea setting concept than the craftsmanship.

Regardless, Charles' is playing with the same subversion of the old "form follows function" design rule of thumb as Yvonne did with her tea settings. He also continues it through some of his other work, for example his porcelain skateboards.