Days of Rage

Sunday, September 18, 2011
More pictures at Business Insider
Business Insider has the report Anonymous Occupation Of Wall Street - Here Is What You Missed on the goings on at the Days of Rage protest at Wall Street.
In a movement meant to rival change wrought by the Arab Spring, Kalle Lasn of the counterculture magazine AdBusters, organized a Twitter led protest Saturday called Occupy Wall Street.

In response, thousands gathered in New York's Financial District.

The Wall Street subway station stairwell was closed on one side, as multiple blocks around Broadway and Wall Street were cordoned off and bound by a heavy police presence.

Endorsed by the hacking group Anonymous, the police were taking no chances. But looking at an army of bored officers racking up overtime, the general response was summed up by one young New York City officer: "If you find the protest, let us know, because we haven't heard a thing about it since we got here."
Not surprisingly the protest drew fewer participants than its organizers had hoped, and I don't think they had much more luck at the other cities they were supposed to gather in.  

There are a lot of pictures of the protest at the link which give you a flavor of what went on. Mainly, it seems that there was a lot of wearing of Guy Fawkes masks from the movie V for Vendetta. Amusingly enough, the Time Warner Corporation is making a nice profit off of those masks. I guess it's tough being an ethical anarchist these days.


KurtP said...

I know that for all big events the "man" makes allowances for the human digestive system and has little blue boxes delivered to take care of the results.

I bet NYC did the same thing for this protest, BUT- are those anarchists using them to help the port-a-pot capitalists rich?
Or are they finding new ways to get over on "Big Portas"?

ambisinistral said...

The leather coat the one guy is wearing, and the camera slung around the other's neck, don't exactly look like they were made in a hut in the amazon either.