Darren Soloman's collaborative music projects

Sunday, September 04, 2011
Detail from the marker/music screen
 Darren Soloman is a Clio award winning composer who has written music for movies, TV ads and electronica under the name Science for Girls.

He's created two web-based projects, In B Flat 2.0 and marker/music in which he experiments with collaborative music. Each project consists of a number of YouTube videos of people playing fragments of music on various instruments. As the user clicks on them they start to play and the result is a random trance/electonica song.

I'm not a fan of either musical genre, but it is an interesting experiment.  I could see it being expanded upon, either by allowing more people to drop in snippets of music as time passes, or a randomizer that selected the snippets to activate that would yield a perpetual -- albeit somewhat monotonous -- song.