Color film from WWI

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There is always something uniquely ghastly about WWI. Yet, the fact that its horror is always etched in grainy black and white photos and movies makes it surreal and remote.  Above is some color film of that war, and yes -- although the process was cumbersome, they did have color movie cameras at the time. It doesn't make it look any less grim.

Mud, gas masks and artillery. No way to spend your youth. You can't help but feel sorry for those guys.


world war 1 movies said...

Wow, this looks eerie! I thought it was strange when WWII color films clips emerged ten years ago. It took some adjustment getting used to color footage of WWII when I grew up only seeing B&W footage. But, seeing color footage of WWI is really strange! I didn't know they even had color capabilities back then. Great post!