Remote video piloting a model F-16

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sorry to have yet another flying camera video so soon after the last, but this one is just too good not to post. The creater of the video explains:
A micro camera is installed onboard an r/c plane F-16. The camera transmit live the video to ground and I wear video goggle to fly the plane in real time like if I was in the cockpit. The camera replace the head of the pilot and the movement of the cam is control by the movement of my head on ground via a head mount gyroscope (head tracker)

The whole system cost me around $1500 including the plane. But it is many hours of hand made modifcation. You can start with simpler video system that cost around $500 and install it on your own r/c plane.
He says to search the web for FPV to get more information. I found the site I'm not sure if it is his site or not, but it has a wealth of information about remote video piloting.