Tragedy in Wisconsin

Thursday, September 15, 2011
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The following report out of Wisconsin is truly shocking. Not the part about a protestor confronting Rep. Robin Vos (R-Burlington) in a bar and berating him. This is Wisconsin after all, such hijinx are to be expected.

No, the surprising part is what happened next -- the protestor got so wound up that he poured a beer over Vos's head. 

A beer? Look, trashing the Capital building while banging on drums and chanting "this is what democracy looks like" is bad enough, but a Wisconsonite wasting a perfectly good beer by pouring it over somebody's head?

From JSOnline AllPoltics Blog post Protester dumps beer on Rep. Robin Vos' head:
The incident happened at the Inn on the Park, 22 S. Carroll St. Witnesses said a man came into the tavern and swore at three lawmakers, calling them criminals. A bartender said the man used the words to the effect of "money" and "damn Republicans," according to the police report.

Another man was recording the incident with a video camera when the bartender asked him to stop. That's when the person who had been yelling dumped the beer on Vos' head, according to the report.

The police report says beer splashed onto two other lawmakers, Rep. Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) and Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette).

Vos told police that the man has been harassing him since February, though previous encounters had not involved physical contact. The representative did not know the suspect's name, but a female State Capitol employee, who was with the group, gave police a name and said Capitol Police would have his contact information, according to the report. Police believe he's a 26-year-old.
Yeesh, and I thought the zombie protest  and the boat protest were off-the-rails, but this is beyond the pale. The protests in Wisconsin are truly getting out of hand if the Cheeseheads are disrespecting their Official State Drink. 

Oh the horror, the horror!


OMMAG said...

Perfect lefticle ... wrong about everything and no respect for anything... beer!


ambisinistral said...

Hard to fathom somebody in Wisconsin wasting a beer.

Yea, one of these days one of them will get clobbered. Oh, how I look forward to the lectures about civility when that happens.