Robots shopping and making breakfast

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Greetings meat sacks, it is I -- The Robotolizer -- here to give you another example of how us robots will be helping humans in the near future. 

In this example we have a robot going shopping in a convincing and highly realistic simulation of a convenience store. It then returns to the kitchen where it prepares a delicious breakfast of sausages and sliced bread. Yum-yum!

So, if you see a robot in the grocery store you can be assured it is just shopping for ingredients to prepare a tasty meal for one of its human friends. Should it happen to be lingering in the rat poison aisle there is no need for alarm -- it probably just has a meat sack vermin problem it needs to address.

My friends, soon you too will be able to relax in the morning as a robot prepares your breakfast. Won't that be grand!