Old Vogue covers

Sunday, September 02, 2012
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Today the women's magazine Vogue is tangled with Anna Wintour, she of the hilariously snooty and tone deaf Obama fundraisers as well as the caricature of her in The Devil Wears Prada. today's Vogue, while upscale, covers the gamut of issues other women's magazines highlight -- fashion, lifestyle, sexual advice and political editorializing.

The original Vogue, which was launched in the 1880s, was much more focused on high-end fashion and lifestyle content. They also had a very distinctive graphics sense in designing their covers. The covers a modern looking for their age, minimal and imbued with the esthetics of Japanese wood prints (even down to dividing the images into halves rather than along the Golden Proportion of the West).

These images are from the Vintage Everyday post The Art of Vogue Covers. There are more examples at the link. 



OMMAG said...

tres chic ... n'est ce pas

ambisinistral said...

Hey now, you have to like the one where she's in the woods holding a rifle. I'm guessing that the modern vogue would never, ever go there.