Thursday, September 06, 2012

The paper walks

Cushion of Complexity by Sammy Edrisi

In this cushion of complexity
I rest my hair and troubled head.
In the knowledge of what may be
I rest myself upon this thread.

Wrong, wrong, don’t I know?
Yes, yes, I will follow!
Oh, these voices never stop
You are here, or are you not?

Show me, will I ever grow
In this mist I merely know?
They lead me in
And the rest may go.
Go, because they are.
Go, worthy they are not to follow.

Being them, another sin
They must believe,
They never win.
In times,
In times, we show that door
Get out! Come in…
Throw the masks and make-up on the floor.
Though You and son are here
I feel Your hand
But why all these infinite tears?
In this cloud I shan’t live anymore

You and all are here.? And I follow, You.
In this cushion of complexity
In the knowledge of what may be
I rest my mind and all that might
Wrong, wrong, don’t I know.
Yes, yes, I will follow,

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