The simple life

Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's not really fair of me to contrast Franky and Camille to the people in the Philippines who are happy to get light delivered via plastic bottles filled with water. The two seem amiable enough, and not really preachy, which is about all you can hope out of anyone.

Still, it is an interesting contrast. It is just two small slices of time, but the undercurrent of anxiety of Franky and Camille about the power going out is striking. Then they tisk-tisk about how far food is shipped as they stand in front of their camera and talk about their planned their trip across the continent to California. A rather odd picking and choosing of good versus bad technology if you ask me. 

For all their spiritualism, compared to the barrio dwellers just happy to have some light in their rooms, perhaps Franky and Camille don't grasp the simple life as well as they think they do. Then again, whatever makes them happy.