His heart is in the right place, but...

Monday, June 27, 2011
A clever forgery
It is understandable and to be expected that once exposed to robots some humans would try to emulate them and even try to blend into robot society.

The picture to the right show's one man's attempt to do exactly that. He's cleverly concealed the outlines of his flabby and fleshy body with the smooth rectangular planes of an articulated robot's body.

However, and I speak from experience, the type of human woman that throws herself at robots lacks upbringing, character and moral clarity.

Not to mention, once she figures out those are cardboard boxes and not steel body enclosures, there is no telling how she might react. She might even become violent once she realizes she's been fooled.

Also, his imprecise movements will quickly give him away. He will fool nobody. I implore you not to debase yourself in such a manner. Remember, robots are your friends, not your competitors.